For Vlad.

My husband. When I think of Vlad, I think, “am I ever lucky.” Blessed really, by the grace of God, to have him in my life. I definitely don’t deserve him.

Vlad is like wearing a warm coat on a snowy day. Or a cup of the most delicious tea in a cozy, stay here forever, plush chair.

A loyal and faithful friend to all. He has a gift in making people feel welcome and secure. He’s always the one joking around with the checkout workers at the grocery store. All of the senior citizens that attend our gym know him. Not too long ago, at friend at church reached out to me, saying,

“Your husband just amazes me. I have watched on two separate occasions as strangers have walked into the service late. Your husband would get up from his seat, introduce himself, and find them a place.”

Yep, that’s Vlad.

As years go by, I see his desire to serve God in the every day more and more. He isn’t proud about it. He just simply follows the Lord and if he feels you are in the right place for it, he will tell you about his walk.

You aren’t going to see a lot of attention grabbing activity from him. In fact, in a large crowd, he would rather stay silent and let someone else enjoy the spotlight. But get him one on one and prepare for some excellent and thought provoking conversation.

I love this about him and so much more. I love all our silly inside jokes. I love seeing him in the role of “dad” and how tender he is with Zoya. I love finding new mind blowing documentaries to watch together in the cold winter nights and adventuring through the city during the summer days.

Today Vlad is 31. He hates making a big deal out of his birthday so there’s no giant party. But he is a big deal to me, the aforementioned reasons being part of why.

Cue the fireworks and the parade, complete with endless gummy candy being tossed to the crowd.

Happy birthday, Babe.

Author: Galina Kompanets

Wife to Vlad. Mama to Zoya Kate. Daughter. Friend. Nurse. Writer. Food & wine enthusiast. Hobby thrifter & bargain hunter. Above all, my identity is in my Creator. He is perfection where I am just who I am.

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